Top 10 LED Shoes for Kids

At present, LED shoes for kids have become extremely popular across the world. However, they also provide lots of benefits for the adults as well. Some of them are intended simply fun events (birthdays, parties, dances), while the others are used in sports activities on a wide scale.

You’ll come across LED shoes for both boys and girls nowadays, and even adults can wear these to stand out. Below, we have mentioned the most popular and highly-rated LED shoes for kids.

Top 10 LED Shoes for Kids

AFFINEST Boy Girls Light Up Shoes

First up, is a pair of LED shoes for kids from AFFINEST. They come in six different colors (pink, black, pink-2, gold, white and silver). They have 11 types of lighting modes; 4 unique styles of dynamic color changes and 7 static colors.

They recommend that kids avoid strenuous activity (exercise/sports/running) with these shoes to extend their life.

These LED shoes are stylish while at the same time composed of breathable material for comfortable wearing. It’s recommended that you purchase at least a half size larger so that your child will grow into them.

YUNICUS LED Shoes for Kids

LED shoes for kids

YUNICUS brings us these LED Shoes for kids made with breathable material (non-toxic synthetic material) and a spiderweb design. A fun design for kids into the comic book hero.

They’re good for toddlers and young boys and girls. You can use a mobile phone, computer or other device to recharge the shoes via USB.

The outsole is made of waterproof and non-slip material and a breathable PVC upper mesh for added comfortability.

These light up shoes with the spider-web design are fun and inexpensive; they flash 7 different static colors with 9 flashing modes.

Nsasy Roller Skates Shoes

This popular set of LED shoes for kids comes from Nsasy and are great for both boys and girls (also come in blue). There’s a retractable rear-wheel and a front wheel can be inserted when necessary.

These light-up roller-skate shoes are durable so kids can roughhouse while minimizing damage.

If you want your kids to learn how to skate, these LED shoes are a good way to start. And since the wheels are retractable, they’re safer than shoes with permanent wheels.

Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers for Kids

These LED shoes for kids with roller skates are great for girls and boys and comes from Ufantasy which offers LED shoes that come in pink, blue and orange.

This particular pair of LED sneakers have rollers underneath which make these LED shoes for kids a fun and enjoyable product. The rear wheel retracts and the front wheel is removable if you simply want to walk. The battery is not removable, however.

The LED lights flash various colors and can be charged via USB.

AoSiFu Kids LED Light Up Shoes

A unique brand of stylish LED shoes from AoSiFu are made with breathable material composed of wear-resistant rubber. There are 7 static colors available with 11 different flashing patterns.

The light color can be changed via a hidden switch on the shoe. The battery lasts for 7 to 8 hours with the lights on. They can be recharged via a USB port located on the shoe.

Lastly, although AoSiFu claims these shoes are waterproof, they recommend your kids avoid excess water so that the lighting feature will last longer.

Nsasy Roller Shoes for Girls and Boys plus Kids Shoes with Wheels

In case you are searching for top-quality LED shoes for the kids, this footwear will not disappoint you at all. They are not only stylish but offer plenty of comfort as well.

Also, the footwear is breathable, lightweight and properly cushioned. The upper unit is made from innovative breathable fabric which helps your feet to remain cool and fresh.

Also, the outsole is quite sturdy as well as abrasion resistant and there is no possibility of slipping even when walking on a slippery surface. The young ones can easily wear these footwear while attending any special occasion out there.

Another notable thing is that the Nsasy Roller Shoes feature rollers which will help anyone to dance while putting them on.

Skechers Kids’ Litebeams-Gleam N’dream Sneaker

These Litebeams-Gleam N’dream shoes from sketchers are popular with young girls. They have colorful lights that flash at every step.

The style is sporty with other colorful versions available (Navy, Neon Pink, Black and Gray). They’re made with quality material consisting of a woven mesh fabric. They’re also lightweight and a velcro strap secures the shoe well for an easy tight fit.

Finally, according to those who’ve purchased these light-up shoes for their kids, they claim the shoes are very comfortable (no irritable feet) and not slippery.

Ufatansy USB Charging Shoes Roller Shoes

Keep your kids busy with a fun pair of light-up roller skate shoes from Ufantasy. They’re a stylish fabric/leather combination with breathable mesh and comfortable shoe liner.

These LED shoes for kids have 7 different color options and 12 various flashing modes. They can be easily recharged via a USB port located on the shoe.

They come in black/red and blue/green. And the wheels are retractable so you can enjoy these shoes with strollers or without.

Light Blue LED Shoes for Kids from Ufantasy

These LED shoes are great for young kids who enjoy the option of strolling via the rollers underneath. The shoes themselves have bright colors and the lights are bright, vibrant and consistent. Included are 7 different colors with 12 flash button modes.

Young kids generally love these light-up shoes and are able to install and remove the rollers that come with. They can have fun on the driveway or in the house during parties, holidays or family get-togethers.

SLEVEL Kids LED Light Up Shoes

SLEVEL brings us their LED shoes for kids with rubber sole that also come in blue and purple and light up in 7 different colors.

The lights are very bright and are rechargeable via the USB port located on the shoe. And the shoes themselves are comfortable so are great to relax in.

You’ll also receive a remote which changes the colors the shoes flash. Also these LED shoes are waterproof, however, they recommend staying away from excess water.

Customer service from SLEVEL has good reviews. If you’ve received a defective product, simply contact them and they’ll assist you. Some customers have received brand new pairs of shoes if the defective shoes were unrepairable.


Apart from these 10 above-mentioned LED shoes for kids, there are many more on the market which can also be considered by any prospective buyer. However, after going through this article one should not find much difficulty in making a prudent choice.

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