Top 10 LED Shoes for Adults

Below is a list of the top 10 LED shoes for adults to brighten your activities. Whether that be dancing, jogging, parties or music festivals, these light-up shoes for adults with the light-emitting diode technology have good ratings based on customer reviews.

If you’re interested purchasing fun LED shoes for kids, you can view the top 10 list for kids light-up shoes here. Otherwise, view the list below of highly rated LED shoes.

Top 10 LED Shoes for Adults

#1)MOHEM ShinyNight LED Shoes Flashing USB Charging Sneakers

LED Shoes for Adults

This awesome pair of LED shoes is intended for kids and is suitable for adults as well. They feature a remote control for easy access and your kids will always enjoy wearing them thanks to the four types of dynamic shades along with five types of static hues.

You won’t find it difficult to control the lights of these shoes because of the user-friendly remote controller. For charging, you need to use the USB which is included with the package.

The collar and the tongue of the shoe have been properly cushioned for providing comfort and safety. One can use these astounding MOHEM ShinyNight LED Shoes while going to parties or any other special event along with their buddies.

#2) Electric Styles Light Up LED Shoes

LED Shoes for Adults

When it comes to the Light Up LED Shoes for adults from Electric Styles, you can select from different color options according to your own preference.

This popular footwear has been made from fabric as well as synthetic which help to enhance resilience, style, and comfort. The shoe features as many as 5 different color changing options along with 7 different static hues.

Moreover, the lights are water-resistant which implies that they will not get spoiled by any liquid spill or damp floor. On top of this, you will get in excess of 6 hours of glow time too. Also, the shoes are quite light thus allowing the user to move around easily.

#3) Fiber Optic LED Shoes for Adults from Softance

LED Shoes for Adults

These LED shoes for adults are from Softance great for men and women as they have 7 different light colors with 4 various flash modes. And besides lighting, the shoes themselves are available in black,white and pink.

Whether you’re wishing to gift a pair of LED shoes or simply want to purchase them for your own enjoyment, these Softance shoes should satisfy as they have plenty of positive reviews from actual customers.

Some of the flashing mode options include a regular steady pace, rapid flashing and a slow fade effect.

The fiber optic material is light and soft with a mesh inner material and an EVA outsole which will offer a decent buffer between your feet and the ground.

#4) Fiber Optic LED Shoes for Adults from Peak

light up shoes for adults
Here we have a fashionable pair LED shoes for adults from PEAK that come in gray, black/green and black/red.

These fiber optic light up sneakers are water repellant, lightweight and can endure high temperatures. So whether you enjoy attending music festivals, birthday party, or jogging at night, you’ll attract eyes and look stylish with this pair of shoes.

When you want to start the lights, you simply press the button hidden inside the pull strap on the heel. And to turn them off, hold the button for at least 3 seconds.

Also, although these shoes are great for adults, they’re also suitable for kids.

#5) Coolloog LED Luminous Men & Women

light up shoes for adultsCoolloog brings us these trendy light-up sneakers with a stylish flame design that also come in white and black.

They’ll flash 7 different colors along the sole of the shoe. You’ll be able to stand out among others at fun get-togethers or dancing. They’re also comfortable and flexible so you won’t injure your feet while wearing.

According to the brand, you’ll only need to charge these LED shoes for 2 to 3 hours and the battery will last up to 9 to 12 hours. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, these LED shoes for adults are a great way to achieve that goal.

#6) Another Summer LED 7 Colors Luminous Unisex Sneakers with USB Charging
light up shoes for adults

This pair of light up shoes for adults from Another Summer will provide you with the facility of selecting multiple shades as well as modes. You can also use a micro USB for charging these shoes.

If charged fully, the battery will last for more than 9 hours. Moreover, it will fit any size and is quite bright as well. The sole of the footwear is 100% water resistant which will prevent any liquid from entering into the shoe and contacting the electric system.

In case you prefer to remain visible in low-light conditions, it will also deliver the goods.

#7) Shinmax Fiber Optic Light Up LED Shoes for Men and Women
light up shoes for adults

The cutting-edge Fiber Optic Light Up LED Shoes for adults from Shinmax are extremely durable and comfortable. You’ll be able to have fun and attract attention for hours at a time.

They’re bright and colorful with 7 different colors and 4 flashing modes. You only need to charge these light-up shoes for about 2 – 3 hours and they’ll stay powered for 5 – 8 hours.

The outsole has been made from top-quality Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material which offers fantastic shock absorption capabilities. And the insole of these fiber optic shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

#8) Coolloog Adult High Top LED Light Up Sneakers

light up shoes for adults

Coolloog brings us another pair of light-up sneakers, this time high top that are good for adults and kids! They come in gold, pink, black, white and silver.

They’re composed of high quality fabric and leather. These LED shoes for adults are also breathable and the rubber soles are wear-resistant meaning they’re good indoors and outdoors.

It only takes 3 hours to charge the LED lights. And once fully charge, they’ll provide bright entertainment for about 8 to 11 hours. That’s enough time to catch the attention of others before the lighting feature fades.

#9) Electric Styles – Light Up LED Low Top Adult Tennis Shoes

Besides being extremely stylish, these LED shoes for adults  from Electric Styles are quite vibrant and dazzling as well. This will help you to get noticed whenever you go to any party or other special occasions.

The notable feature about this shoe is that it’s regulated with the help of a mobile app. It is possible to switch the different animated lights and even sync them to flash along with the music played on your smartphone.

The shoe can be customized according to your own preference given that there are as many as 256 available shades to choose from. Moreover, they come with a powerful battery and can illuminate any room for as many as six hours.

#10) Odema Unisex LED Shoes for Men, Women, Girls, Boys High Top Breathable Sneakers Size 4.5-13

These LED shoes from Odema will prove to be extremely enjoyable for the user and it features soft and thick leather which is quite flexible too. There’s no chance for the footwear to fall apart too quickly thanks to the immaculate stitching that comes with it.

Moreover, the soles have been sealed properly so that the LEDs remain protected. These Odema Unisex LED Shoes are going to fit any size and also features an inbuilt arch.

It’s not tough to use the control button which is positioned next to the charging port. These LED shoes will offer as many as 7 color cycles, and you can easily put them on while attending a party as well as in your daily life.

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