Top 10 Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses can be helpful to those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

We all use computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital screens everyday of our lives. In fact, we’re so dependent on them that we don’t even realize how harmful they can be towards our eyes and health.

Headaches, sleepless nights, retinal damage and other eye problems are on the rise along with the growing use of technological devices that put a strain on our eyes. Gamers and other professionals who cannot function without these screens need protection.

These are only an indication that your eyes have had enough. So here we are with a list of gaming glasses and protective eyewear which can help you perform and also protect your eyes from damage.

Top 10 Gaming Glasses

#1) Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

One of the top rated pair of blue-light protection glasses come from GAMMA RAY OPTICS. You can use these gaming glasses to reduce glare as they’re light sensitive and equipped with UV400 protection.

They will reduce eye fatigue and uncomfort due to excess gaming, web surfing or other activities that deal with screens. Additionally, they’re ultra lightweight and flexible thanks to TR90 nylon frame material.

And don’t worry about breakage as they’re durable and are meant to be used long-term.

#2) GUNNAR Intercept glasses

gaming glassesGUNNAR Optiks brings us these gaming glasses with patented lens which can reduce strain and block harmful blue light.

These glasses do a great job of protecting your eyes and increasing performance. Digital screens can be extremely harmful towards healthy eyesight and this is a powerful tool to protect you against that.

It is approved of and recommended by doctors as a guard against the harmful blue light which can cause immense strain on your eyes and damage it. With patented lenses and huge benefits, this is a highly recommended product by users on Amazon.

#3) GUNNAR MLG Phantom

gaming glasses
Another great product offered by GUNNAR Optiks is its MLG Phantom, amber tint patented lenses gaming eyewear. Not only is it lauded for its benefits while gaming but it’s also a useful tool to people working in the IT industry or others who regularly look at screens for a living.

A lot of strain is put on our eyes whenever we view a screen for any lengthy period. For this reason these devices have been designed to provide comfort and rest to your eyes while protecting them from the harmful radiations of a digital screen just like sunscreen protects you from the sun.

These GUNNAR gaming glasses have patented computer eyewear that’s been recommended by doctors not only to protect, but improve vision thanks to proprietary tints and coatings that prevent blue light, UV and glare.

#4) GUNNAR Vaypar gaming glasses

Another great option for eye protection while gaming is the GUNNAR Vaypar amber tint glasses. They block a huge percentage of your damaging rays from the screen.

They also minimize headaches with anti reflective coatings and patented lenses to help reduce the strain from the damaging rays that disrupt bodily circadian rhythm and sleep cycles.

They claim these glasses prevent accumulated damage to your eyes and helps resolve problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and other sleep disorders which can bring down the quality of your life and leave you feeling tired despite rest.

#5) HyperX Gaming eyewear

This amazing gaming eyewear from HyperX can enhance your gaming experience by a lot while protecting you from the problems of digital screens and harmful rays.

Versatile glasses made up of lenses made with MR-8 material, these glasses can also be styled in a number of ways to suit every social occasion so that you don’t have to limit using these only for digital screen viewing.

You can look into the reviews and opinions of verified customers for more useful information.

#6) TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

gaming glassesThese TIJN Blue light blocking glasses are the optimum choice for people who are looking for an all purpose pair of glasses which can be used both socially and for their gaming purposes.

They come from TIJN and will block 100% of harmful UV rays and reduce eye fatigue thanks to the yellow tint. They’re affordably priced and offer different color options to select from.

If you’re not satisfied with these glasses, you can simply contact them within 90 days and they’ll try to help you out in whatever way they can.

It is also equipped with the blue ray protection which allows you to use your computer, laptops and even phones without any worried about damaging your eyes through the harmful rays.

#7) J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

From J+S comes these computer/gaming glasses which offer protection that may reduce sore/dry eyes, macular degeneration, and other vision impairments.

They block 90% of harmful high energy blue light rays. They also have low color distortion lenses which balance between viewing quality and eye protection.

They come in four different frame shapes and seven various colors that’ll match your style. With these glasses, you’ll be able to reduce headaches, increase focus and maintain optimal eye health.

See what other verified customers said about these glasses before making a purchase!

#8) Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

gaming glasses
These highly rated gaming glasses from Cyxus will offer blue light protection and reduce headaches as reported by verified customers.

They have many different design options (18 total), so can accommodate any style whether you’re male or female. Along with preventing visual discomfort from blue light, they’re dustproof, durable and waterproof thanks to the nano-grade film these glasses are constructed with.

These pair are also not reflective compared to other blue light filter glasses that can sometimes emit a glare that’s visible to onlookers.

#9) DUCO Optics Gaming Glasses

gaming glasses

Another amazing model is the DUCO Optics computer gaming glasses which offer 100% UV protection combined with patent methods of protection from other problems that arise due to the digitals screens that have become our lives nowadays.

#10) ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

One thing that stands out with these blue light blocking glasses is the lifetime warranty. Simply contact ANRRI if you have any issues with your glasses and they’ll provide friendly support.

The frame on these glasses are built with TR90 thermoplastic material via Swiss technology that’ll ensure they’ll be flexible, durable and lightweight.

The lenses themselves are polycarbonate which means you’ll receive 100% UV protection and are more impact resistant than other material. Check out customer reviews to find more helpful information regarding these anti blue light glasses.


So, if you’re a gamer or work in an office, these glasses will help alleviate the painful symptoms that come with staring at a computer screen for an extended period

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Top 10 Gaming Glasses
Top 10 Gaming Glasses
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