Top 10 Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are elegant and can convey a variety of different styles unique to an individual.

For generations there are different ways women have dressed and decorated them. Yes, the clothing and apparels that they wear have evolved with time and have kept pace with changing fashions and styles.

Jewels also have had a big role in defining the way in which women look and there are literally dozens of jewels that women are crazy about. However, there are a few jewels that are considered staple as far as women are concerned.

These are earrings, nose rings, bangles and of course finger rings. There are many makes, sizes, designs and styles of earrings. However, in this article, we will be looking at ten of the highest reviewed chandelier earrings.

The makes and models of earrings that’ll be featured here will help customers obtain a good idea about the attributes and also assist them in making the right choice.

Top 10 Chandelier Earings

BoHo Dangle Indian Earrings – Dazzle Flash

BoHo Dangle Indian Earrings


These light green earrings made from pure chandelier materials will most certainly impress you. They are perhaps the best companions for women who love bohemian outfit. They dangle beautifully and will be a perfect match for the outfit that you could be wearing.

They do go a long way in adding grace and style. The earrings are composed of glass beads and silver ornament that are toned and consist of purest quality of silver. They measure around 2.5 inches from the hook to the bottom.

They are uniquely designed to hang perfectly without causing any discomfort to the ears. They’re also light weight and are perfectly balanced. They could make a perfect wear for party, dates, celebrations, cocktails and other such events.

NLCAC Crystal Earrings

NLCAC Women Pear Shape Crystal Earrings

These are extremely good looking pear shaped earrings that are designed based on chandeliers. These are particularly suited as bridal earring.

Made from a combination of alloy and crystal, these earrings have a unique and beautiful teardrop color and the color is transparent and extremely clear.

Apart from being one of the best choices as bridal earring, they also could be a good option for proms, engagements and any such occasion where women wish to show case their fashion attributes.

The product also comes with 100% money back guarantee making one of the best chandelier earrings.

SELOVO Wedding Silver Earrings

SELOVO Wedding Teardrop Dangle Earrings

These stunning beautiful chandelier earrings come with a size of 2.2 inch x 0.8 inch (height and width). They are quite light weighing just 12.8 grams. They are suited for women who like to sport gorgeous looking vintage earrings.

If you’re planning to gift something special to your woman this could be one of the best options. It goes well for various occasions including anniversary, graduation day, prom, birthday, engagement, and wedding, Valentine’s Day, banquet or carnival.

This is made from a unique material known as Cubic Zirconia which resembles diamond. It does exhibit quite a bit of clarity and brilliance.

Flyonce Austrian Wedding Drop Earrings

Flyonce Austrian Crystal Wedding Bridal Dangle Drop Earrings


If you’re looking for a sophisticated and high quality set of chandelier earrings made from the best of Austrian Crystal, then this offering from Flyonce could be a very good option.

It has a simple design, but the workmanship inside of it is quite elegant and outstanding. The women wearing it will certainly stand away from the crowd.

It also could make a wonderful gift for your fiancée, daughter, sister, best friend, or you could also gift it to yourself. It can be used for a wide range of functions starting from wedding to prom from graduation to anniversary, just to name a few.

Rivertree Tassel Earring – Women’s

3 Tiered Long Vintage Chandelier Drop Dangle Earring


These are quite popular amongst thousands of women for a few obvious reasons. It has a unique three tier design. It’s about 3.5 inches in height and is elegant and good looking.

They weigh just 0.30 ounces (each earring). And they’re suitable for those who have a heart and the glass seed beads have been carefully selected. They’re also 100% trademark protected as far as original design is concerned.

Dangle Earrings – 2 Pair Statement

Bohemian Beaded Round Drop Earrings Long Chandelier Earrings


These dangle chandelier earrings for women come in some of the most stunning colors. They come in 2 pairs or four individual earrings.

They are very soft and comfortable on the skin and are made from environment friendly materials. They are completely handmade with the best of workmanship.

They’re suitable for various gifting options and also can be worn for many events and occasions. On the whole, you are buying unique chandelier earrings that offer good value for money.

BriLove Women’s Bohemian Chandelier  Earrings

BriLove Women's Bohemian Boho Crystal

These affordable earrings come in a variety of colors and will stand out at formal events like weddings, proms, special occasions and more!

They come from BriLove which offers all kinds of jewelry that generally receives positive ratings from actual customers.

Each earring weighs 13g or .46oz and is made with zinc alloy that is nickel and lead free. Some of the different color options include gold, clear -silver, blue topaz, ruby gold-tone and multi-color gold-tone.

Most of the reviews on Amazon are positive, however, some have complained on how heavy these earrings are. Otherwise, they provide an inexpensive way to stand-out at various events.

Janefashions Austrian Earrings

Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Chandelier Dangle Earrings

Are you looking for simple, yet stunning chandelier earrings made from the best of Austrian crystal Rhinestone? If the answer is yes, then you have all reasons to try out this pair of earrings.

They come with an overall size of 3.3/8 inches in length and 1.1/8 inches in width. They are perfectly suited for pierced ears. They come from the house of Janefashions which is a registered trademark in the USA. It is indeed a great buy and it can be worn for many occasions and events.

D EXCEED Women’s Chandelier Drop Earrings 

D EXCEED Women's Chandelier Drop Earrings

These chandelier earrings come from D EXCEED and clearly have a structured and appealing geometric design. They come in multiple colors that include yellow, red, blue, green, black or silver (among others).

Whether you’re deciding what to give your significant other, or simply shopping for yourself, these affordable earrings are stylish.

They are also nickel free which is great if you have sensitive ears and would rather not suffer any irritation.

CHRAN Silver Teardrop Crystal Long Tassels Dangle Earrings

CHRAN Silver Teardrop Crystal Long Tassels Dangle Earrings

These are beautiful looking chandelier earrings from CHRAN. They come in different styles that include teardrop, butterfly and multiple tassel designs.

Reviewers from actual customers on Amazon gave these earrings 4.3 out 5  stars currently. Some interesting points include the lightness of the set and, how elegant they appear. However some have received defect/broken units.

The length of each earring is 3.5 inches and the width is .8 inches. They are stud earrings that are lead and nickel free.

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