W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike


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Last updated on June 9, 2023 12:37 pm

W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

We’ve been talking about urban commuter e-bikes here on our website for quite some time now such as the DJ Folding Electric Bicycle. Still there are other choices out there that you need to know. Another e-bike that goes on par with DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike. Stay with us because we will be giving you a detailed overview of this electric bicycle.


W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike looks just like a regular mountain bike except that it looks just a little bit sexier and sleek. Its body uses a white and black color motif. The black paint makes the white stickers stand out which is located at the crossbar and seat stays of this e-bike. This combination of black and white gives it a modern or contemporary feel.

What’s really remarkable about this bike’s appearance is its sexy wheels. The rims don’t have a lot of spokes and this gives the wheels a clean and smooth finish. Spokes are metal sticks that you see within the rims. Conventional design for e-bike rims includes using a lot of spokes which makes them look messy. W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike doesn’t have this downside.


W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike has functions similar to more expensive urban commuter folding electric bicycles. This e=bike uses a sturdy aluminum body frame. Compared to an ordinary frame, aluminum frame is much better because it’s more durable and lightweight. Pair this with the fact that it is foldable and you have an e-bike that’s easy to keep and carry around.

A headlight is installed directly on the suspension forks. This can be turned on or off by pushing the buttons located on the left side of the handlebar. A gear indicator and safety switch are installed at the opposite end. The safety switch can be locked or unlocked by a key. When locked, the safety switch prevents the user from gripping the accelerator. This is particularly useful to prevent curious children from using the electric motor of this e-bike.

Just like other e-bikes, W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike has an LCD. It shows distance traveled, speed, and remaining battery power. The LCD dashboard has three buttons. The first button is used for switching gears, the second button checks distance traveled and time, and the third button enables the backlight feature of the LCD. On a personal note, W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike is one of those e-bikes that have the most advanced LCD on the market.

Finally, we love that this e-bike uses hydraulic brakes. Most e-bikes don’t have this feature and use mechanical brakes instead. The problem with mechanical breaks is that they get faulty easily and frequent maintenance is needed. Hydraulic brakes, on the other hand, are more reliable and durable.

Riding and Speed

This e-bike uses a 750W brushless motor that’s powered by 48V10.4AH Samsung lithium battery. The battery uses an alloy battery box and has a locking mechanism that helps to prevent battery theft. The motor performs fine and may reach maximum speeds up to 22-25 mph (depends upon preset).

The speed greatly depends upon the 3 speed presets that the motor has. At level 1, the power of the motor is very limited and may only run at a maximum of 12.8 MPH. Level 2 frees the motor a little bit and allows this e-bike to reach a maximum speed of 17.5 MPH. At level 3, W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike runs at 24.5 or 25 MPH.

Riding is very stable since this bike uses a double suspension system. What’s very surprising about this is that the secondary suspension, which should be installed on the rear, is placed at the center of the bike instead. By doing this, manufacturers make it possible to remove shocks felt on the rear and the saddle.


In summary, the following are features of W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike which we love:

  • hydraulic brakes
  • aluminum wheels with unconventional design
  • aluminum frame
  • full suspension system
  • safety lock for throttle and battery
  • premium grade battery
  • well designed LCD

This e-bike is perfect if you’re looking for a ride in the urban that goes at moderate speeds. However, if you really want to feel the wind in your face, then we suggest that you check our other reviews for more powerful e-bikes. Still, even if this e-bike doesn’t go very fast. W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike‘s full suspension, premium-grade battery, and other features make it a quality urban commuter electric bicycle.

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W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike
W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike