Vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


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Last updated on June 9, 2023 12:38 pm

Vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Are you looking for a feminine style e-bike for travel or as a gift? Looking for e-bikes that suit a woman’s taste might be hard since most e-bikes look manly. Still don’t fret because we know a particular electric bicycle that women may like. Allow us to introduce vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike. Today, we will give you an overview of this electric bike and explain why people who love feminine qualities might want this.


This bike uses a red and black color motif. The crossbar, rims, seat stays, and saddle stays are painted red. The wheels, handlebar, pedals, chain-rings, and other smaller components are colored black. This combination of black and white balances the overall look of this bicycle. vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike has a mild girly feel.

Another striking feature of this e-bikes appearance is that its body looks really slim and simple. Commonly, most e-bike frames consist of the crossbar (top tube), seat tube, and downtube that are linked together by welding. However, vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike doesn’t use this conventional design. Manufacturers ditched the seat tube and down tube. This e-bike’s main body only consists of a single crossbar that’s curved in an S position. This ingenious design gives this electric bike a clean and unique finish.

The battery is installed at the rear, directly between the seat stays and faces the rear wheels. Don’t worry because the rear wheels won’t splatter mud or water on it because a fender (black) encases them perfectly.


We cannot say that vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is a sports grade electric bike. Still, it has the qualities of other well-known e-bike brands. It is equipped with basic safety features such as headlight, tail light, and reflectors. The headlight provides adequate visibility when riding at night while the reflectors and tail lights work great at preventing accidents coming from the rear.

The riding position is okay considering that this bike doesn’t have adjustable seats. The handlebar is not positioned too high or too low relative to the saddle. It’s just in the right position which helps you to ride upright without putting stress on your lower back and shoulders.

Women who buy this bike will appreciate that it is 85% assembled upon delivery. This means that little assembly is further required for them to take this e-bike on the roads. User instructions are very clear and women can assemble this bike without a gentleman’s help.

This e-bike is very lightweight. Upon folding it, women won’t have a difficult time putting it on the back of an RV, van, and other large vehicles. This makes it a perfect bike to have during picnics.

Speed and other relevant information can be viewed on the backlight enabled LCD.

Riding and Speed

This bike uses a 48v 500w rear brushless motor that is powered by a 48v 12 ah lithium-ion battery. The battery needs 5-6 hours to be fully charged. This electric bike may travel the road at 21-25 mph. There are three riding modes for this e-bike; booster, pure electric riding, and pure human riding (pedal only). Still, regardless of which mode you choose this e-bike cannot exceed 25 mph speed except when you’re riding downhill.

On a personal note, this e-bike’s speed might disappoint men. However, this speed is just enough for women. At 25 mph speeds, women won’t have trouble riding this bike while covering distances up to 35 miles before recharge. This e-bike is perfect if you’re planning to give your wife, children, or girlfriend green transport.


In summary, the following are notable features of vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

  • Moderate Speed Perfect for Women and Children
  • Unconventional Slim and Clean Design
  • Durable and Shock Absorbing Fat Tires
  • Headlight, Tail Light, and Reflector for Safe Riding
  • Reliable Brakes

vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike might be the perfect gift for one of your kids, girlfriend or wife during special occasions. The features that it has make it a perfect fit for novice riders. vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike‘s body color and engineering, on the other hand, make it sexy and lightweight at the same time.

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Vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Vtuvia Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike