Portable Handheld Vacuum by ZesGood

Portable Handheld Vacuum by ZesGood

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Last updated on September 16, 2022 7:31 pm

Portable Handheld Vacuum by ZesGood

Pets like dogs and cats are shedding a lot of hair and also bring dirt from outside into the house. Often this hair and dirt gets embedded deep inside the furniture, seating and upholstery, and it may not be possible for all vacuum cleaners to extract this dirt, hair since the suction is not enough. That’s where the Portable Handheld Vacuum by ZesGood comes in.

Powerful suction

This cordless handheld vacuum offers powerful suction with a strong cyclonic motor rated at 120W inbuilt. This motor has a rating of 7 KPA which is sufficient to clean the house, car or office thoroughly. However the noise reduction technology used ensures that the noise levels are below 75 db.

Multiple uses

The Zesgood vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning dust, litter, hair, crumbs and similar dirt. It is supplied with brushes, tools which can be easily installed and removed as required. The long brush is specially designed for removing the pet hair. The crevice nozzle can be used for sucking any liquid which is spilled, cleaning air conditioning outlets. The crevice nozzle should be combined with the slim brush to clean hard to reach areas like corners. The dust cup has a capacity of 550 ML of cleaning debris. The curved head design makes it is easy to detach the dust cup for emptying

Ergonomically Designed

It is not necessary to remove the filter in the vacuum cleaner while emptying the dust cup. The HEPA filter used can be washed and used repeatedly. The vacuum cleaner has an ergonomic design, and is light weight, weighing only 1.5 lb. Hence it is easy to carry and use the vacuum cleaner in the house, garage or elsewhere.

Charging time

The vacuum cleaner has three lithium ion batteries rated at 2200 mAH each. These batteries will take two to three hours to get fully charged, and the device can be used for twenty five minute on a full charge. A chip for battery protection is included to prevent battery damage caused by over-charging and over-use. The inbuilt LCD screen displays the battery charge levels.


  • Vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed and light in weight, so that it can be easily carried and used for cleaning
  • Powerful suction for better cleaning with motor rated at 120W providing 7 KPA suction
  • Long brush provided for cleaning pet hair
  • Crevice nozzle and slim brush for cleaning liquids, difficult to reach places
  • Dust cup of large capacity 550 ml to store the debris, and dust cup can be easily removed
  • Has three lithium ion batteries, for a cleaning time of 25 minutes on a full charge
  • LCD screen for displaying battery charge, and battery protection provided.
  • Customer support offered for 18 months after purchase.

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