- 28% NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router

NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router


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Last updated on October 2, 2022 6:27 am

NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router

Most of the wifi routers have a limited range, so people who have large homes, find that there are some areas in their home where there is no Wifi coverage. They are also paying monthly rental fees for their cable modem. Hence they are looking for a modem router combo which has a large WiFi range to save money on cable modem rentals. The NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router is suitable for those who have large homes since it offers Wifi coverage for an area of 4000 square feet. The cable modem is compatible with most of the major cable internet providers like Cox, Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum, though it does not work with AT&T, Centurylink and Verizon

Speed and connectivity

The cable modem used conforms to the latest cable internet standards, DOCSIS 3.0 for faster internet download speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps, though the typical speed is 500 mbps. The fastlane3 technology used ensures uninterrupted connections, and higher download speeds. The modem it is having 32X8 channel bonding, with 32 download channels, 8 upload channels. There are four ethernet and two satellite ports on the modem and router for more reliable connection to gaming console, TV


The router creates a mesh Wifi network which provides consistent coverage over 4000 square feet, so that there are no Wifi dead zones with wifi coverage, and no buffering. The wifi router has a powerful 710 Mhz quad core processor so that the speed is maintained even if more devices are connected to the Wifi network at the same time. Unlike most other routers which use dual bands, the router uses triband technology and the Wifi network speeds can reach 2.2 Gbps. Using this modem router combo, will also help to replace extenders which are used for boosting the wifi network

Setup and App

The orbi app provided can be used for setting up, creating a guest network, accessing parental controls, running speed tests for the network directly using the app. It is possible to limit the internet usage time for apps, websites and more. Based on the age and interests of the family members it is possible to set filters for each family member separately. The gadget supports security features like WPA PSK


  • High speed cable modem with speed of upto 1.4 Gbps to save up to $156 annually in modem rental fees
  • Triband router provides mesh wifi network, for coverage over 4000 square feet, so extenders are not required
  • Wifi speed of up to 2.2 Gbps, with security features
  • Orbi app provided for setting up cable network, parental controls, speed testing the network and other options

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500Mbps Download,WiFi AC2200,Orbi+Extdr

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NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router
NETGEAR Orbi Built-in-Modem and WiFi router