KLIM Esports Gaming Chair

KLIM Esports Gaming Chair


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Last updated on September 30, 2022 1:43 pm

KLIM Esports Gaming Chair

Gaming can be very captivating as it immerses you into another world altogether. These moments often lead to painful and sometimes lifetime back injuries. KLIM Esports Gaming Chair provides the best sitting position that protects your back and gives you comfort during gaming.

Gaming posture

Doctors and health experts warn of prolonged sitting and improper posture which often leads to back pains and even at times a deformed back. Serious injuries can include dislocation of backbone disks, wear and tear of the joints and general weakness of the bones around the back.

Gaming can be quite addictive and you will feel the need to get to the next challenge and maneuver through the levels. This sometimes caries you away and you forget about getting the best posture.

Features and Benefits of the KLIM Gaming Chair

KLIM Esports is a top quality product. Unlike many other chairs, we choose amongst the best materials available on the market: reinforced stainless steel, high-density foam and polished faux-leather.

The KLIM Esports Gaming Chair is equipped with steel as the mainframe for extra strength and durability. The chair enables one to get the best angles while playing. The chair is also designed with elastic straps to enhance your comfort while a layer of artificial leather gives that extra cozy feel.

Many of the ordinary gaming chairs factor little about the maximum weight required for the user. This has led to cases of injuries caused to gamers.. The KLIM Esports Gaming Chair has the potential of hosting a weight of up to 150kgs and a sitting area of two meters.

What’s even better, if a gamer is heavier, KLIM Esports Gaming Chair can be customized to suit their needs. Additionally, the chair comes a layer of durable artificial leather, ensuring none or minimal wear and tear. The backrest is freely adjustable for maximized comfort.

Some of the biggest manufacturers of gaming chairs capitalize on the name letting you pay for the brand. At KLIM Esports, they ensure that you get as much quality to the product. A sturdy and durable base shows that it’s built to last.

KLIM Esports Gaming Chair:

  • Can support a gamer who weighs up to 150kgs and can be custom made if the gamer exceeds this weight
  • It has a sitting space of up to 2m
  • The chair is made of the steel frame for maximum durability
  • KLIM Esports Gaming Chair has a layer of quality artificial leather enhancing comfort for the gamer
  • It’s enhanced with elastic straps for more comfort
  • Unlike the big brands, you do not pay for the brand name
  • The backrest is freely adjustable

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Product Dimensions

51.6 x 29.1 x 22.4 inches

Item Weight

56.2 pounds

Shipping Weight

4.7 pounds


Black, Blue, Red, White & Pink

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