Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic

Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic


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Last updated on August 9, 2021 4:26 am

Galaxy A20/A30 Rugged Clear Case

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is a relatively affordable smartphone, and many would like to ensure that it can be used for the longest time possible, without spending any money on repairs. For a majority of smartphones, the most common problem faced by the users is a cracked or damaged screen. Most users are likely to drop their phone from a height occasionally and this will damage the screen. Replacing the damaged screen is a time consuming and expensive process, and many phone users can avoid the expense and keep their phone in perfect condition purchasing a Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case like the Poetic Hybrid Guardian series A20 case.


best cell phone case for drop protection samsung

This case is designed to protect the A20 smartphone against impact and drops from different height. Hence the case is tested to conform to military standards for drop testing. The case has three layers for additional protection. The front hard frame has additional raised corners and lips to provide more protection to prevent damage to the screen when dropped from a height. Also the case has a TPU lining to make it more impact resistant, since the TPU acts like a shock absorber for the corners of the smartphone.

Screen protection and other design features

Scratches on the screen and other parts of the smartphone can adversely affect the appearance of the phone, and also its usability. Hence the Poetic case is designed with a plastic protector on the screen from the front side, to prevent scratches. The back of the case is also made from clear poly-carbonate of the highest grade to prevent scratches, protect the phone from dust and stains while showcasing the smartphone. The TPU lining of the phone is texturized, so that it provides a better grip for the user of the phone and ensure that it does not slide or slip off easily.

Features of the poetic hybrid case

  • Designed to protect the smartphone from damage caused by impact , especially when dropped from a height
  • Military standards used for designing the case for damage protection
  • Three layer case to maximize protection for the screen, preventing any cracks or similar damage.
  • TPU lining for absorbing shock caused due to impact, preventing damage to the smartphone
  • Transparent case, so that the front and back part of the phone, color of the gadget is easily visible.
  • Case also protects the phone from stains, dust and dirt
  • Texturized TPU lining provides the user with a good grip on the phone

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Specification: Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic

Part Number






Samsung Galaxy A20/ A30 (2019)

Item Weight

2.88 ounces

Product Name

Guardian – Full-Body Rugged Clear Hybrid Bumper Case

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Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic
Galaxy A20 Rugged Clear Case by Poetic