Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair, RESPAWN by OFM

Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair – RESPAWN by OFM

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Last updated on June 3, 2023 7:12 am

Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair – RESPAWN by OFM

When playing your favorite game for an extended period of time, you don’t want to be irritated by an uncomfortable chair or have long-lasting issues with your body that could be caused by sitting and playing games for long periods. The Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair is a well designed, functional, and comfortable gaming chair that gives you the best experience when playing your favorite game.

I) Comfort

The Fortnite Omega-Xi gaming chair has been designed with functionality in mind, featuring ergonomic advanced and several tilt options that other brands can’t provide. While doing this, the Omega-Xi also gives you the best type of comfort with back and neck support with the whole chair being fitted with soft, foam padding to ensure you can game without irritation.

II) Design

The Fortnite Omega-Xi Gaming Chair also has the legendary skin from Fortnite (The Omega-Xi) plastered all over the chair, incorporating colors from the skin like in-game. With a bold orange accent covering the outlines of the chair, and black covering the rest with several texture points – you’ll feel like you’re playing as the Omega-Xi skin all the time.

III) Sturdy

The overall build quality of the Omega-Xi Gaming chair is unparalleled with other gaming chairs, featuring a rugged metal build and sturdy plastic wheels, which gives you a durable frame and great flexibility when moving the chair around.

Here are some of the features of the Fortnite Omega-Xi Gaming Chair:

  • It is designed with the Omega-Xi Skin in mind.
  • The gaming chair has been designed to look like the Omega-Xi Skin on Fortnite. The whole gaming chair features orange, silver, and black upholstery to truly offer an immersive experience while playing on top of your favorite Fortnite character.
  • Incredible comfort for extended gaming sessions.
  • The Omega-Xi gaming chair provides the best comfort, which features a high-back with segmented padding and incorporated headrest to ensure that you are always feeling your best. Along with this, it also includes stationery, comfortably padded armrests to give your arms something to rest on.
  • It includes an Integrated extendable footrest.
  • If you need to kick back and relax, you can extend the included footrest to ensure that you get the most out of the Omega-Xi.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • To help with your body’s natural posture, the Omega-Xi includes base support that allows for reclining between 90 and 155 degrees with tilt tension adjustment to ensure it’s always as you wish. To add to this, the whole chair includes padding to ensure that you can not only game in comfort, but also keep your posture tip-top.

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Specification: Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair – RESPAWN by OFM

Part Number






Respawn limited lifetime warranty.


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Product Dimensions

24.4 x 26.8 x 48 inches

Item Weight

41.9 pounds

Shipping Weight

53.5 pounds



Item model number


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Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair – RESPAWN by OFM
Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair – RESPAWN by OFM