Eahora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Eahora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

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Last updated on January 25, 2023 12:39 pm

Are you the type of person who’s not afraid to tackle perilous mountain paths and takes joy in immersing yourself in professional riding experience? Riding enthusiasts see that e-bike racing is getting popular right now. If you’re preparing to become an e-bike racing champion, then one good sports grade electric bicycle that might suit you is Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike.


If you’re going for a sporty appearance, it’s hard to ignore that the very look of Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike says, ” Hey! I am built for sports!. The fork suspensions, rear suspension, crossbar, and other body parts are filled with stickers. Even the wheels are engraved with brand graphics. We really love that manufacturers put lots of details on this e-bike’s body since it gives a professional feel.

eAhora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

eAhora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


What makes this e-bike really special is that it is built for heavy-duty riding. Firstly the body is made of 7071 aluminum alloy. This allows Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike to withstand falls when riding on highly uneven roads. The suspension forks not only provides excellent shock absorption but resists rusting as well.

At the center of the handlebar is a waterproof LCD which shows speed, travel distance, and battery power, . The battery that’s hidden inside the crossbar is also water-resistant. The motor is water-resistant as well A waterproof LCD, motor, and battery mean that you may ride this bike on rainy days when mountain roads are more thrilling and challenging.

The second notable function is that this e-bike uses full suspension. This means that this bike uses a suspension mechanism in the rear and front wheels. This is pretty remarkable because only a few electric bikes have this feature. Other e-bikes use a mix of fork suspension and rear spring shock absorbers. A full-suspension means that Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike provides almost perfect riding stability.

Lastly, we love that this e-bike uses premium grade batteries. Its efficient electric motor is powered by 48v 10.4ah Samsung battery cells which require 5 hours of charging time. This charging duration is lower compared to other sports grade e-bikes.

This bike also comes with headlights, horns, and reflectors for safer travel.

Riding and Speed

Best Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Eahora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Riding this bike in difficult mountain terrains or uneven surfaces feels really good. The full suspension and sturdy body of this foldable e-bike give you the confidence to do mini jumps and other simple riding stunts. Suspension forks help a lot with handling and make downhill riding really easy.

Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike gives you long riding time using electric power alone. This is possible with the E-PASS system. The e-pass system is a feature that allows this e-bike to recharge the battery a little once it reaches speeds exceeding 13 mph. This feature springs into action once you start gliding downhill. E-PASS system extends battery life and makes the motor energy efficient. With this feature, rest assured that 55 miles of travel distance or even more is possible with this e-bike.

You may ride this bike in 3 different modes. PAS mode gives you a maximum speed of 30 MPH. Electronic mode allows you to ride at a maximum speed of 28 MPH. ECO- MODE is the fastest. Using this mode will allow you to reach a maximum speed of 45 MPH.


In summary, the following are unique features of Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike.

  • Full suspension (rear and front)
  • Professional Looking and Strong Body
  • E-PASS Features (Energy Efficient)
  • Front Light, Tail Light, and Reflectors
  • Premium Grade Battery
  • Waterproof LCD

If you’re looking for a sports grade foldable e-bike, then Eahora Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike might be what you need. It’s built with a full array of various components that make it perfect for e-bike racing competitions. If you don’t have the money right now for more expensive sporting electric bicycles, then you might consider buying this one.

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Eahora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
Eahora X7 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike