DJ Folding Electric Bicycle

DJ Folding Electric Bicycle

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Last updated on November 28, 2022 4:27 pm

DJ Folding Electric Bicycle

It’s apparent that e-bicycles are getting really popular right now. The current market is now seeing a surge in the demand for electric bicycles. As people become more sympathetic towards saving the environment, they are now looking for more eco-friendly ways to travel. E-bikes perfectly cater to this specific need,

Still, did you know that there are tons of stylish e-bikes out there that stand out among others? If you’re putting importance to style when choosing electric bicycles, then DJ Folding Electric Bicycle from DJ Bikes might be what you need.


The main asset of DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is its appearance. Its overall body is coated with white paint that is filled with stickers using red colors. This combination of the red and white color motif makes this bike attractive. Furthermore the white body frame makes the black colored front and rear fat tires stand out. The black color of the fat tires emphasizes the stickers and reflectors installed on them. This electric bike perfectly personifies your need for a fancy looking electric bicycle. It looks really clean and is made to look sexy at every angle.

Built for Function

Another thing that you may love about DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is that it is built with a complete set of functions that others rarely have. For instance, this bike has cargo racks located in the front and rear. This feature makes this electric bicycle useful when you’re out buying something.

A small headlight is directly installed in the front suspension forks. On the rear, is also a tail light that lights up every time you hit the brakes. Both of these lights are powered by the battery which is installed on the back of the saddle post. Furthermore, the front and rear fat tires have reflectors. The headlight, tail light, and reflectors ensure that riding this bike at night will be very safe.

User controls are displayed by the King Meter LCD directly installed on the left side of the handlebar. The LCD displays how fast you’re going , which gears are in use, and other electronic information.

Riding and Speed

DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is powered by Bafang 750W-1000W brushless motor. It accelerates quite well on flat terrain. Since it’s capable of running fast (32 km/hour) using electric power alone, you might want to regularly check the brakes before taking this bike for a ride. This doesn’t mean that the disc brakes are faulty. Actually, they’re very reliable and responsive. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Mozo fork suspension provides more stability as this bike traverse concrete roads with lots of humps, holes, or uneven surfaces. The stability provided by the fork suspension is further reinforced by the strong yet flexible fat tires and durable rims. The quality fork suspension, rims, tires, and sturdy frame makes handling really easy.

Is It Easy To Keep?

The fact that this e-bike is foldable makes it really easy to keep. However due to additional features and their components, DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is a bit heavy. Still, fully grown adults will have no problems folding and carrying this bike from one place to another. The battery can even be removed to make this bike lighter.

Can You Ride This on Mountains?

This bike, with its fork suspensions, durable body, and fat tires, won’t mind being used to traverse mountain paths. However, it might not be recommended that you do this because you’ll be ruining the appearance of DJ Folding Electric Bicycle. The white paint of this bike makes dirt and mud very visible. Aside from this, you can’t wash this bike with water regularly since the sticker might eventually come off or fade easily.


In summary, the following are the key features of DJ Folding Electric Bicycle.

  • Stylish and Clean Design
  • Packed With Lots of Useful Functions
  • Heavy Duty Fork Suspension, Tires, and Rims for Stable Riding
  • Shimano 7 Gears
  • Electronic User Control (King Meter LCD)
  • Powerful and Responsive Brakes
  • Headlight, rear light, and reflectors for Safer Riding at Night

To end, DJ Folding Electric Bicycle is what you need if you’re looking for a good e-bike to ride on the urban. It has features that cater to your need for function and safety. Its stylish design will impress friends, relatives and even strangers. With this electric bicycle, rest assured that you’re riding the eco-friendly way with a flash!

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