3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Universal Test Instrument by Ccfoud

  • Typical Bandwidth Limit is 20MHz
  • One year warranty with 30 day worry free return
  • Easy to use with a simple keyboard design

Digital Oscilloscope Kit

To find out any problem in the electrical circuit and to fix it at the earliest it is necessary for the engineer to measure all the parameters quickly and accurately. Similarly for designing any electronic gadget the engineer should be able to get accurate measurements. Hence the 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Universal Test Instrument by Ccfoud is highly recommended since it combines a dual channel oscilloscope with a multimeter and waveform generator. The engineer will not have to purchase and carry three different instruments, he can use a single instrument for viewing waveforms and measuring the required electrical parameters.

The test instrument accepts inputs from two channels, and has a bandwidth which varies depending on channels used. When used in the single channel mode, the sampling rate is 250 MSamples per second, and if the dual channel mode is used the sampling rate is halved at 125 Msamples per second. Similarly the record length is a maximum of 6 K samples for single channel and 3K samples for dual channels. The analog to digital convertor used has a 8 bit resolution with each channel being sampled at the same time. The bandwidth of the instrument will reduce to 6 MHz when a 1X probe is being used. The probe attenuation factors are 1000X, 100X, 10X, 1X.

The maximum input voltage for the instrument is 150V RMS. There are three modes of operation of the instrument, automatic, normal and single. The vertical resolution of the instrument display varies from 10 mV to 10V depending on the input signal. The keyboard has a minimalistic design so that it is easy to use, accessing various features. There is a provision for measuring parameters automatically. It is possible to set the key tone. The LCD screen, highlights text in color, so that it is visible even in bright sunlight. The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted. There is a provision for automatically powering off the instrument, to save power. Clip probes, test probe, multimeter probes and USB type c charging cable supplied with the instrument.


  • Instruments combines oscilloscope with waveform generator and multimeter.
  • Has two channels, and sampling rate varies depending on the number of channels which are being used
  • Provision for measuring parameters automatically
  • Brightness of backlight in display can be adjusted depending on where the instrument is being used
  • Multimeter can be used for measuring AC and DC current, voltage , capacitance, diode, resistance, and perform on-off test
  • Instruments consumes less power and has rechargeable lithium ion batteries
  • Charging time of two hours, is sufficient if the instrument is used for a full day
  • One year warranty offered on the instrument, and returns with 30 days accepted

Specification: 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Universal Test Instrument by Ccfoud



Part Number

Sample Rate Range

250MSa/s(Single-channel), 125MSa/s(Dual-channel)

Waveform Interpolation

(sin x)/x

Record Length

6K for single-channel; 3K samples per dual-channel


5ns/div~500s/div 1, 2, 5 sequence

Display Type


A/D Converter

8-bit resolution,each channel sampled simultaneously

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3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Universal Test Instrument by Ccfoud
3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Universal Test Instrument by Ccfoud