Top 10 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Bluetooth helmet speakers for motorcycle riders can be an ideal way to communicate with fellow riders. These ensure hands-free audio operation so that you can listen to music, talk to friends and more in a safe manner.  Sound quality, design, Bluetooth version and max number of riders that can join in a group all vary depending on which model you purchase.

You can gain an advantage with these Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers especially if you choose the right ones that meet your specific needs. If you’re selecting a substandard option, there may be connectivity issues, and the audio output might not be as excellent. However, this list of the top 10 Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers  are among the highest rated products in this category on

Top 10 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports M1S Pro
Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The first pair of bluetooth speakers (compatible with Bluetooth 4.1) come from Fodsports.  They have a range of 2000 meters within a group. The max distance that allow communication between motorcycles is 500 meters. They are suitable for a group of 8 riders.

You can easily control the volume via push button. The high-quality sound ensures that you’ll not miss out on any communication while enjoying the scenery. The noise reduction technology, along with waterproof construction makes it a perfect choice for your next road trip. The sets also consist of 900 mAh battery, which can last for up to 20 hours. Thus, when you’re looking for high-quality Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers, these are a good option to consider.

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

With Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and 8 hours of talk time, you can’t go wrong with the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset. The universal intercom capability between various headset brands means communicating in your group shouldn’t be a problem. It supports a 4-way conference via its Multi-pair feature and with the help of a remote control, it’s easy to tweak the settings according to your requirements. The four-way conference facility plus it’s compatibility with certain motorcycle GPS systems make this a potential good buy.

Headwave TĀG
Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

One interesting thing about this helmet speaker is its use of magnets. The charging port is magnetic and the device itself comes in a magnetically equipped box. This allows you to close and open the packaging fairly easily without destroying the unit’s housing. You’ll be able to reuse the packaging when not utilizing the Headwave TĀG device. Another useful feature is that it consists of an adhesive pad (no cables) which means you’ll be able to install on your helmet easily with no tools. It comes with an extra adhesive pad as well.

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair it with your smartphone or other Bluetooth compatible device to listen to music, podcasts, audio books, etc. It’s also dust resistant which will help minimize wear & tear and keep the device’s appearance fresh. Also, the audio output is unique as it uses transduction to vibrate the sound to your helmet. Your helmet provides the acoustics which will affect the sound quality. Thus, attaching the loudspeaker to a quality helmet should improve your listening experience. So, if you’re only looking for a speaker, this one is a reliable option.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

If you’re looking for a proper communication system, this one is a reliable choice. It comes in different pairs depending on the number of devices that you need. Ideally, it is suitable for pairing up three riders. It supports speeds up to 120 km/h. Also, the distance between the bikers can be up to 1000 meters.

It offers hands-free operation and allows you to receive calls as well. In addition to that, it has FM radio functionality. It is water-resistant, and you can easily use it as a walkie-talkie. The crystal clear audio means that you will have no complaints at all with this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

If you’re looking for a helmet speaker that can connect more riders, this one is a perfect choice. It can connect up to 15 bikers. In addition to that, the natural voice output means that communication won’t be a problem. The dynamic mesh communication ensures that all the bikers are connected quite easily.

The device is dustproof and waterproof and uses Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity. Also, it has a talk time of 13 hours as well and a range of 1.6 km. The microphone is of high quality, which means that communication won’t be a problem. The self-adjusting volume along with the built-in FM radio, makes it a reliable option. Thus, when you’re looking for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for a large group, this is a good option.

LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom
Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The hands-free speaker design, as well as compatibility with Siri and other voice-command-based assistance, makes this one a worthy choice. It allows you to listen to GPS voice guidance, FM radio, as well as high-quality music. It also offers greater helmet compatibility by giving you the option of using button microphones for full face helmets or boom microphones for open face helmets.

The four-way conference mechanism means that you can connect four riders at a time. The range is 1600 meters. The noise-canceling design makes it better than many other options. The speed which it can handle is 120 km per hour. With 15 hours of music time, 8 hours of talk time, and 120 hours of standby time, you cannot go wrong with this speaker. The waterproof Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers certainly have the edge over others.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

With a range of 800 meters and the ability to connect up to 3 riders, this Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly a good option for communicating with your fellow bikers. It has an LCD screen, FM radio and provides you with an entirely hands-free experience. In addition to that, the pairing is pretty swift as well. You can charge it through the USB cable, which means that charging it is not a problem either. With numerous features on offer, this one is undoubtedly a worthy contender.

Yideng Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The best feature of this Bluetooth headset is that it can handle speeds up to 120 km/h. You can connect up to 3 riders at a time. It’s also waterproof making it suitable even for rough rainy conditions. The range is 1000 meters. It offers echo suppression as well as noise suppression technology. They hope this will ensure the audio is crystal clear. It incorporates features like FM radio, call dialing, GPS, and so on. The crystal-clear audio, and the ability to dial calls or listen to music or FM radio, make it a good value for those looking for budget friendly speakers.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, you can be sure that using this Bluetooth headset as an intercom is not a problem. It manages audio multitasking as well, which is another advantage. An additional feature is FM radio. The range of the intercom is up to 2 km. You can use it as a group intercom with a maximum of 8 riders in the group.

The voice command control makes operating safe and hands-free. Also, it reduces the noise which means the audio should be crystal-clear. It is remote control compatible as well. The audio multitasking feature is one of the primary reasons to think about it.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

The last helmet speaker on our list is again suitable for connecting up to 3 riders. It comes in the form of a single headset. Also, it uses Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. It can support speeds up to 75 mph. With the range up to 1000 m, you can be sure that communicating with your fellow riders shouldn’t run into issues. You can use it to receive calls, as an intercom, or to listen to music.

The noise cancellation technology means that the audio quality is on the higher side. With the help of silica gel waterproof construction, you can use it in any weather as well. The bigger push button features ensure that controlling it won’t be a hassle. You can use it to listen to GPS instructions, music or for FM radio. It supports wireless streaming, as well.


While searching for the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers, instead of going with any option, it is better to refer to the top 10 list above. This list includes only the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers. So, once you choose from this list, you can be sure that communicating with your friends and other riders will be a cinch.

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