The Best Weighted Blanket for Adults – [Top 10 List]

If you’re looking for the best weighted blanket for adults, then look no further, this article is going to cover a few popular options.

First off, it’s a good idea to know a little background of weighted blankets. An interesting study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders found that a gravity blanket can improve the quality of your sleep.

A gravity blanket is engineered to be 10% of your body weight or roughly 15 pounds. This lowers stress and improves your ability to relax.

They’re usually filled with plastic pellets and can feel incredibly snug.

Now that we have a little background, this article will go over the top ten products and what makes them so great. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Weighted Blanket for Adults

1) Zonli Adult Weighted Blanket Twenty Pounds

best weighted blanket for adultsThis is a popular weighted blanket that you’ll be able to get in many different sizes and weights. You will have fourteen different sizing options to choose from.

Comfortability is enhanced with the feeling of the premium cotton against you relax. When you invest in this weighted blanket for adults, you’ll be getting two layers of micro fiber material to avoid leakage and breathable cotton to get the most enjoyment out of your sleep.

This weighted blanket is filled with noiseless, non-toxic, glass beads. You won’t have to worry about them moving around thanks to the non-glued polyester padding.

2) Cool Max

This Cool Max product is among the best weighted blanket for adults on the market based on reviews.

According to occupational therapists and peer review research, this product (with 10 different sizes for adults & kids) is scientifically proven to give you an ideal sleep quality.

Because of the Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) effect, you’ll feel calm and relaxed as you rest with this Cool Max weighted blanket by Degrees of Comfort.

It’s going to lock you into a deep sleep, ensuring that you’ll be well rested every single time guaranteed. This weighted blanket is perfect for those who are both hot and cold sleepers. Also, the nano-ceramic bead technology will stay evenly distributed throughout.

3) LUNA Weighted Blanket

With the LUNA Weighted Blanket, you’ll get twelve different weight and size options. The internal makings of this blanket are non toxic, odor less, hypoallergenic, premium grade glass beads.

You’re going to love the feeling of the one hundred percent OEKO-TEX certified cotton, it’s super soft and light to the touch. You’ll rest easy, thanks to the breathable, temperature controlled thread count of four hundred.

4) Cooling Weighted Blanket

Cooling Weighted Blanket

This bamboo weighted blanket is going to help you sleep better, deeper and fall asleep faster. You’ll no longer have to dread going to bed, wondering about whether or not you’re going to be tossing and turning all night.

This style of blanket is great for anyone who is a hot, sweaty sleeper. It’ll keep you cool and dry all throughout the night, no more waking up in a puddle of sweat.

5) SAFR Home Therapy Weighted Blanket and Removable Cover

When you invest your money into this blanket, you will find that you have six different weight and size options. Each weighted blanket includes a fifteen pound layer, one hundred percent breathable cotton to keep you cool all through the night.

This blanket is a great investment for getting the best nights rest, over and over. Plus, you are going to love the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

6) Rocabi

Another contender for the best weighted blanket for adults comes from racobi. Thanks to the one hundred percent cotton material, feeling comfortable shouldn’t take long.

This product will give you buyers satisfaction, knowing that it was made in the United States. You’re going to feel like you’re being held inside of a tight embrace all night. This is perfect for those who sleep alone, but still love to cuddle!

When you purchase this product you get a three hundred and sixty five day money back guaranteed warranty.

7) Snuggle Pro

This weighted blanket comes from the SnugglePro brand. According to product reviews, this product soothes and comforts when ready to sleep.

This cozy sensory blanket will keep you wrapped up in a warm embrace all night. This style comes with a durable fabric that will hold the nano beads in place at all times, allowing a leak free protection barrier as well.

When you purchase this blanket, you’ll also receive twelve ties, a generous carrying bad and a bamboo pillow case. This will certainly improve you sleep quality and help you feel more energized the next day.

8) Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket

This is among the best weighted blanket for adults with over nine thousand positive reviews (currently at a 5 star rating on

It’s a 7 layered premium blanket that offers extra comfort improving sleep quality immensely. Comes in a variety of sizes (11 in all) and six different colors.

When it comes to selecting the correct size, they recommend choosing an option that is between 10 to 12 percent of your body weight.

The filling inside are glass-beads which are hypo-allergenic, orderless, non-toxic and free of any lead. Additionally, Quility has employed new sewing technology with this weighted blanket which increases durability.

They also offer a 100% guarantee so that if unsatisfied with your purchase, you’ll receive a full refund.

9) YNM Weighted Blanket for Adults

This blanket from YnM gives you eleven different weight and size options to meet all of your needs. The cooling effects of the bamboo material are ultra soft and silky smooth with a thread count of three hundred.

The one hundred percent all natural material is going to give you a leak free experience, a tight hug all night and keep you dry and cool sleep after sleep. This blanket is machine washable. It is going to give you a great nights rest and is easy to care for.

10) Beauty Kate

Beauty Kate Weighted Blanket

You’re going to get an all natural sleep aid that comes in three different weight styles with this weighted blanket from Beauty Kate. The premium seven layer sleep system is designed to offer you an oasis of comfort and satisfaction.

This blanket is crafted from the highest quality of materials, being constructed from one hundred percent cotton-giving you an amazing cooling effect.


There you have it, the top ten best weighted blanket for adults selection currently in the market. Each of them is amazing in their own way and are willing to offer you the best night’s sleep of your life.

All you have to do is look over each one, find the perfect match for you and then you’ll be on the right road to resting easily night after night. No more waking up in sweats or tossing and turning trying to drift off to sleep, those nights are over!

You’re going to love the way that the blanket of your choice holds you all through out the night in a long lasting, comforting embrace, making you not want to get up in the morning, yet leaving you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!

Photo by Harris Ananiadis on Unsplash

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