Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

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Don’t want to spend a fortune on engagement rings? Want something that’ll draw attention but won’t break the bank? If yes, then this list of engagement rings priced under $500 should meet your needs. These are affordable engagement rings that are elegant, durable and will surely catch an eye or two. Simply put, this list aims to make it easier for you to choose the perfect ring that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but will allow you to have money to spend on the honeymoon!

Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings under $500

Ioka - 14k Solid Yellow OR White Gold Engagement Ring

The engagement ring which stands on top of our list is a 14-karat gold engagement ring. It consists of 1.5-carat zirconia diamonds as well. The princess cut design means that it is aesthetically pleasing. It is available in numerous size options, which makes it easy to find one in your size.

The width of the band is 2.5 MM, and the weight is 2.5 g. The intricate design throughout the band means that it stands out among other options. With the help of a comfortable band, inspite of intricate design, wearing it for long hours won’t be a problem as well.

The ring is available in the white gold variant as well as the yellow gold variant. It means that you have some options when you’re going with this ring. You also get a jewelry box along with the ring, which means that storing it or gifting it is not a problem.

All the 14 karat rings are easy to resize as well, which means that if it due to any reason you want to resize it, it will certainly be possible. The quality of the gems, material as well as the stone is up to the mark. It ensures that you won’t feel the need to replace it anytime soon. If you’re looking for sophisticated and affordable engagement rings under $500, this is the one which you should go with.

Three Stone Engagement Ring by Sonia Jewels

The ring which we are speaking about now is a three-stone ring. It is available in various sizes. With 925 Sterling silver, you can be sure that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but highly sturdy as well. The intricate design ensures that it is as charming as other expensive rings, if not more. It comes along with a Velvet Ring box, which is another advantage.

With the princess cut solitaire stone, you can be sure that it will certainly impress your partner. When you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing with a small budget, this one will meet your requirements exactly.

TWJC 14k Yellow OR White Gold Solid Wedding Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a beautiful and budget-friendly engagement ring in gold aesthetics, this could be a good option. It is available in yellow gold and white gold. With different size options, you cannot go wrong with this one. It consists of a center stone of 1 carat, which is an added advantage. The 14 karat gold design means that it is aesthetically pleasing. Also, the width of the band is 2.5 MM. The gift box makes it easy to store. Thus, when it comes to affordable gold rings, this is a reliable option.

10k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring by Finecraft

The above engagement ring offers class and style. It is loaded with 10 karats of the diamond to impress your lady. Simply put, this ring sparkles when you see it at close proximity. It catches the eyes of everyone who sees it. They come in different sizes to fit any finger. To top it up, the eminent color is white which symbolizes purity.

This masterpiece engagement ring is super durable. Made of the diamond, you can expect it to last long. Also, the lustre will not fade off due to weather conditions. It is the ultimate one to buy right now for your better half.

Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

The 3-stone ring which we are discussing now consists of 2-carat round cut diamond. It means that the diamond can surely be the center of attraction of this engagement ring.

With the help of 14-karat white gold, it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. It comes in an elegant box that allows you to store and gift it to anyone easily. It consists of Russian simulated diamonds, which is why it is such an aesthetically pleasing option.

With numerous sizes available, finding the right one is not an issue. The white gold design of this ring makes it a great choice.

Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

The 1.5 carat stone in this engagement ring makes it a worthy option. Also, it consists of 10K gold. You have 3 variants to choose from. The first one is rose gold, second is white gold, and the third one is yellow gold.

The ring is available across size options, which means that you can get a perfect size quite quickly. The zirconia diamonds simulation makes it aesthetically pleasing as well. If you want a ring which is thicker than other options available, you should go with this one.

DovEggs is a brand that offers stylish jewelry for a variety of occasions. This particular Moissanite engagement ring features a solitaire ring with platinum plated silver. It’s praised by verified purchasers on how stunning the piece is and how well it sparkles and shines. You can save money and look elegant with this engagement ring.

This engagement ring by Charles & Colvard is crafted in rhodium-plated 14k white gold. The ring is made with moissanite which is a rare mineral alternatively known as silicone carbide. It’s named after Dr. Henri Moissan who discovered the gemstone. The cut on the center stone is 9mm with an actual weight of 2.6 ct. All the stones together (including the pave accent stones) weight a total of 2.43 cttw. This Forever Brilliant ring was introduced in 2012 and is no longer being made so only available for a limited amount of time.  

With the help of 2 different gold variants, you have plenty of choices when you’re going with this Ring. It is available in white gold as well as yellow gold. Also, it is available in different ring sizes as well. The 10k gold plating can stand the test of time. It consists of a stone simulating Sapphire. Due to the round design of the rock, it forms the center of attraction. On the band as well, you will find small stones encrusted. That is why, if you’re looking for a ring that can be the center of attraction, you can go with this one.

This engagement rings contains a 8x6mm Octagon Blue Sapphire gem stone with a total weight of 1.35 cttw. This ring can be used for engagement purposes or any other occasion that requires class and elegance. The blue gem stone itself has undergone a diffused treatment while the other stones have not been treated. Also, the creation method is natural according to the company that supplies this product. There are 19 total stones featured on the engagement ring. The center stone is encased with a 4 prong fixture.


So, while searching for the best affordable engagement rings under $500, it is a good idea to go with our top 10 options above. We have curated a list in such a manner that no matter the type of ring you’re looking for, the list above will not disappoint you. The list ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time in searching for affordable engagement rings. We have already done that for you, and you need to refer to the list above.

Featured image by Peter Hansen on Unsplash

Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500
Top 10 Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

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